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The SOEKS Ecoset evaluates food quality in terms of nitrate concentrations, measures the level of radiation from any objects, and detects areas with higher electromagnetic fields.

The Ecoset consists of two devices: SOEKS Ecotester 2 and SOEKS Impulse. Both devices are supplied with the most recent firmware version.


«Impulse» electromagnetic field (EMF) indicator

identifies and pinpoints areas with hazardous electromagnetic fields.

  • The frequency of measured fields is up to 2 kHz. The indicator has 3 magnetic field sensors and 2 electric field sensors. Each of the sensors takes measurements in its own axis. The sensors are directed orthogonally.
  • 2D/3D direction diagram allows for identification of an electromagnetic source.
  • The indicator shows estimated frequencies of radiated signals, which helps to determine the nature of radiation.
  • It also displays the history of electromagnetic activity for the last minute.
  • Sound alarm is activated when the preset threshold for radiated power is reached.
  • The indicator is powered either by two AAA batteries or NiMh accumulators AAA type; it can also be operated from USB.

This multipurpose device combines two important functions. You can quickly and easily check the level of nitrates in foods and measure background radiation using the Ecotester. Alternatively, you can use it as a dosimeter to identify high radiation sources.

Ecotester: operating principle

The device operates in two modes: a nitrate tester and a dosimeter.

Nitrate concentrations are checked by measuring electrical conductivity of a sample, which depends on the number of nitrate ions. The results are compared against basic safe values stored in Ecotester memory. Only fresh fruit and vegetables may be analyzed because when they rot, their chemical composition changes, which affects conductivity.

A built-in standard Geiger Mueller counter is used to detect the level of radiation. The counter counts the number of ionizing particles (beta and gamma) and measures X-ray radiation. As with the nitrate measurements, these measurements are also displayed on a color TFT screen.

Advantages of the Ecotester

  • Two-in-one versatility: No need to buy and carry two separate devices.
  • Easy to use: Maximum permissible concentrations for main food products are already stored in the memor
  • Quick analysis: Time <20 seconds.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • A wide range of operating temperatures, an ability to operate in different conditions.

Where to buy the SOEKS Ecotester?

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