EcoVisor SOEKS F3 - Find High Levels of Radiation, Test Your Food and Water.

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SOEKS Ekovizor - mobile laboratory, the solution "3 in 1" to:
Choose only safe vegetables and fruits and avoid nitrate poisoning
Monitor water quality
Check any item for radiation at any time and determine if the monthly dose has not been exceeded.
Do not ignore. Take care of safety - your own and your family.
How it works?
Nitrate concentration
The device measures the electrical conductivity of vegetables and fruits. Its value depends on the amount of nitrate ions. The higher the concentration - the higher the rate. Indicators in mg/kg of the maximum permissible content of nitrate ions in dozens of vegetables and fruits are brought into memory. It is important to change the performance at room temperature of the product.
Water hardness control
Ekovizor is designed to measure the hardness of drinking water in the water supply system, wells, boreholes, to assess the quality of water in water treatment and purification systems for household appliances, aquariums, pools, hydroponics.
The instrument estimates the cumulative solid particles dissolved in water per 1,000,000 water particles.
Registration of the level of radioactive radiation
A miniature Geiger-Muller SBM 20-1 Russian-made counter is built into the SOEKS Ekovizor F3. Measurements are carried out in microsieverts per hour (µSv/h) and micro X-rays per hour (µR/h).
USB cable - 1 pc.
Travel Charger - 1 pc.
AAA battery - 2 pcs.
Instructions - 1 pc.
Warranty card - 1 pc.
Type of Geiger-Muller Sensor SBM 20-1
Range of indications of a radioactive background, μR/h 100,000
Range of indications of radioactive background, µSv/h 1000
Battery Type AAA batteries
PC connection Yes
Overall dimensions, mm 147 x 54 x 21
Country of Origin Russia
Warranty 1 year