Nitrate tester SOEKS 2 - organic food tester.

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SOEKS Nitrate Tester 2 is designed for food safety evaluation in terms of nitrate concentrations.

SOEKS Nitrate Tester 2 is an updated version of the popular Nitrate Tester. The new version incorporates new, more powerful software. This allowed us to revise the tester's interface completely. The interface is now more colorful and user-friendly.


SOEKS Nitrate Tester 2 is the latest solution offered by SOEKS. This model launched in 2015 incorporates a new, enhanced processor. As a result, we have improved the interface to make it even more user-friendly and easier to operate.

Advantages of the new model:

  • Nitrate measurements in two clicks. PRODUCT SELECTION > MEASUREMENT > RESULT.
  • The list of products is displayed both as text and graphics.
  • The tester now has a next-generation processor, which activates the device in less than 3 seconds.
  • Nitrate measurements take no longer than 3 seconds.

The new advanced interface will suit every user. Now all functions are accessible with one or two button clicks. The first-generation SOEKS nitrate tester was launched in July 2011. This is the company's original product, protected by international patents. This model is the third generation of the tester. Every year, many Russians suffer from food poisoning after eating bad vegetables and melons. This is why the tester has become so popular among people who live a healthy lifestyle.

  • A new enhanced processor is the key advantage of the new tester model. This has enabled us to implement the most up-to-date design of the tester. Nitrate Tester 2 is now simpler and clearer.
  • Moreover, it is easier to use. It is now activated in no time. You can easily select the product you need thanks to a larger font and pictures of fruit in the list.
  • Now you do not have to wait for 10 seconds while the device is getting ready for operation. Just select the product you need and the tester is ready for measurements.
  • Nitrate measurements take less than 3 seconds.
  • Please contact our managers to learn more about the new model.

Technical characreristics

Parameter Value
Measurement range of nitrate concentrations, mg/kg 20 to 5 000
Measuring time, seconds up to 3
Measurement error, max +/- 15%
Batteries AAA-type rechargeable or regular batteries, network adapter or USB
Power supply range, V 2,3 -3,5
Continuous run time, min, hours** up to 8
Overall dimensions (height ? width ? thickness), max, mm 144х47х17
Weight (excluding batteries), max, g 66
Battery charging current, max, mA 300
Input current from USB or charger, max, mA 500
Charger output voltage, V 4,5 to 5,5
Display Color TFT display, 128?160
Operating temperature range, °C -20 to +60
* A higher number of measurements improves indication accuracy. 
** Continuous run time is given for a device where factory settings and two 1,350 mAh batteries are used.