Detector of ionising radiation RadiaCode - 101, works with Android & Google Maps

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Model of 2021 

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Dosimeter RadiaCode-101 is a new approach to assessing the radiation situation. 
Key features of RadiaCode-101: 
- instant response to changes in radiation levels; 
- binding the measurement results to the coordinates of the area with their display on Google maps (when working with a smartphone); 
- visualisation of the energy spectrum of the absorbed radiation; 
- auto backlight display in the dark; 
- auto-rotation of the screen image when the device is turned over; 
- measurement in units convenient for you: X-ray, sievert, impulse / sec, impulse / min; 
- wireless communication with a smartphone; 
- long-term autonomous work - up to 300 hours when switched on; 
- a huge amount of built-in memory (32 MB or up to 1000 hours of observation); 
- increased splash and dust protection of the case (class IP64);
- indication of the current error of the result (to understand the level of its accuracy); 
- the dosimeter is easy to charge just like a cell phone; 
- independent update of the device firmware; 
- USB connection to PC for full-fledged work with the dosimeter. 
Other standard features of RadiaCode-101:
- quick search for radiation sources;
- display of measurement results in the form of accumulated dose, dose rate, count rate;
- dose rate and counting rate are additionally displayed graphically;
- alarm signalling when the set thresholds are exceeded (light, sound and vibration);
- variety of measurement units: R, Sv, imp / sec, imp / min;
- indication of the current level of error of the displayed measurement result;
- the ability to transfer the received data not only to a computer and smartphone, but also to store it in an external cloud storage.
The RadiaCode-101 dosimeter detects gamma and continuous X-rays in the energy range 0.05..3.0 MeV and in the power range 0.1-1'000 μSv / h.
Dosimeter RadiaCode-101 is designed to assess the ambient background radiation and the level of radiation from various substances and objects (any suspicious objects and surfaces: building materials, antiques, vehicles, soil / soil on the ground, etc.). Also, the device is able to visualize the energy spectrum of the absorbed radiation - for the subsequent independent determination of the substance (isotope) that is the source of radiation.
Radiation is on the map! 
An interesting feature of the RadiaCode-101 dosimeter is the ability to mark the results of radiation measurements on a Google map (when paired with a smartphone). The device makes marks of the radiation situation automatically at an interval set in the settings. As a result, the map shows the path traveled on the ground in the form of marks of a uniform color (at the same level of radiation power) and marks of other colors (at higher levels of radiation power). Due to its compactness and wireless Bluetooth connection, the RadiaCode-101 dosimeter can be conveniently placed in a sports case on the lower leg (closer to the ground) or on the arm, and visual control of the detected radiation (if necessary) can be carried out using a smartphone. Instrument operating modes Dosimeter RadiaCode-101 carries out collection, accumulation and analysis of data in a continuous mode. 
Therefore, at any time, one of the following display options for assessing the radiation situation is available: 
- "monitor" 
- assessment of dose rate and count rate (Sv / h, R / h, CPS, CPM) 
- Dose estimate (Sv, R) 
- Operational search (CPS, CPM) 
- Energy spectrum (linear or logarithmic scale). 
At the same time, changing the information display mode does not reset the measurements of all specified parameters.
Features of the RadiaCode-101 sensor:
The dosimeter RadiaCode-101 is designed on the basis of a scintillation radiation sensor.
It includes:
- crystal CsI (Tl) of cesium iodide doped with thallium in a sealed container;
- silicon photomultiplier;
- optical interface between scintillator and photomultiplier;
- precision temperature-compensated power supply for photomultiplier;
- high-speed analog-digital circuit for processing pulses from a photomultiplier.
In combination with an adaptive processing algorithm, this gives the user of the RadiaCode-101 dosimeter:
- high sensitivity to gamma and x-ray radiation;
- count the number of pulses (radioactive decays);
- take into account the amplitude of the pulses;
- to estimate the radiation dose equivalent to the human body;
- display the shape of the energy spectrum of ionising radiation;
- to evaluate the random error of the dose and dose rate estimates;
- instant notification of radiation hazard.
The CsI (Tl) crystal, optimal in shape and size, plus a solid-state photomultiplier plus a special analog-digital processing - all this gives the RadiaCode-101 dosimeter high sensitivity in a wide range of ionizing radiation energies, the same in all directions from the device.
The point is that a characteristic feature of any scintillation crystal is the dependence of the radiation sensitivity on the shape of the crystal. So, if the crystal is made in the form of an elongated parallelepiped, then the readings of the device equipped with such a sensor may be different, depending on which side of the device is turned to the investigated radiation source. In the RadiaCode-101 dosimeter, the CsI (Tl) crystal is made in a cubic form, which provides it with the same sensitivity in all directions from the device.
Announcement of device firmware updates
In the near future, the following update packages will be released for the RadiaCode-101 dosimeter, which you can independently install in your device (through a simple firmware update procedure):
- dose rate compensation spectrum;
- search mode update;
- increasing the upper limit of the dose rate measurement range up to 10'000 μSv / h;
- software version for iOS.
The convenience of use
The device is designed for mobile and stationary use. Works autonomously and in conjunction with a smartphone or computer. On the ground and indoors. The device is protected from dust and splashing water according to IP64 class. RadiaCode-101 has a high autonomy - up to 300 hours of continuous operation after a full battery charge.
Features of the RadiCode-101
The RadiaCode-101 dosimeter evaluates the radiation situation continuously - as long as it is switched on. The results on the display at any time can be presented in the form of an estimate of the dose rate, counting rate, accumulated dose, energy spectrum of absorbed radiation. Dose accumulation and parameter estimation are independent of the display mode and are not interrupted when switching.
In the absence of communication with a smartphone or computer, the RadiaCode-101 dosimeter saves all significant changes in the radiation situation in a non-volatile memory of 32 MB (up to 1000 hours of observations). When the connection is restored, this data is transmitted to a smartphone or computer for integration into the database.
Ergonomics and autonomy of RadiCode-101
The dosimeter RadiaCode-101 is made in an ergonomic plastic case.
Graphic monochrome display, sound, light, vibration alarm.
Automatic screen backlight in dark, high contrast in bright light and automatic screen rotation. In the settings, you can independently set the desired position of the image on the screen for working with the device with the left (or right) hand, or you can enable automatic rotation of the screen image thanks to the accelerometer built into the dosimeter.
Package includes:
- dosimeter RadiaCode-101;
- USB Type C cable;
- express instructions for use;
- warranty card.
1 year warranty.