Portable Geiger Counter SOEKS 112

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SOEKS 112: imperceptible measurements!

Radiation can be everywhere: in a construction materials store, in a vegetable market, in a toy that you give to your child, and on a land plot which you are only going to purchase. And open measuring of radiation is not always appropriate. For such cases engineers at SOEKS have developed a tiny innovation. There is nothing superfluous in it, just 2 buttons, a monochrome screen, and only 20 seconds of your time!

Compact dimensions

SOEKS-112 is the smallest household dosimeter in a Soeks line. Its dimensions are comparable to those of a pen, while its modern design will please even the most spoiled esthete. It’s small in sizes, but not in value – in the heart of is a sensitive and time-tested SBM 20-1 sensor by Rosatom State Corporation. It is capable of sensing gamma radiation equal to 0,1 Mega-electron-Volt! And the threshold can be set by the user, starting from radiation level of 0,3 microsievert/hour.

Accuracy of measurements

SOEKS-112 dosimeter senses beta and gamma particles, as well as x-ray radiation. The device is classified as a household dosimeter although its accuracy is comparable to professional models. It can be used in the wide range of temperatures: producers considered both severe Russian frosts and an easily predicted desire of users to take the device to southern resorts.

Simple control

For 100 hours of continuous work, SOEKS-112 dosimeter will need only two tiny A76 alkaline batteries. Checking the radiation level has never been that simple. The SOEKS-112 interface is clear even to a child, and the user guide supplied with the device describes in detail how to perform measurements.