Dosimeter SOEKS 01M

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A full-featured dosimeter which measures both background radiation and the cumulative radiation dose. The new search function allows you to find sources of dangerous radiation more quickly. The housing is made of high-quality rubber-coated plastic. The improved interface makes the dosimeter even more user-friendly and easier to operate. The dosimeter now has a next-generation processor, which activates it in no time.


Why SOEKS 01M??

This is probably the world's first dosimeter which is a perfect fit for anyone, from professionals to users who know nothing about radiation. It might rather be compared in appearance to a mobile phone or a modern gadget than complex laboratory equipment. This is exactly the reason why SOEKS 01M became so popular: it is an absolute bestseller in and outside Russia, including countries such as Japan, Germany, and USA.

Despite its compact size, SOEKS 01M is a full-featured dosimeter. The SBM 20-1 Geiger-Mueller counter made in Russia offers reliability and accuracy. The dosimeter is made in Russia.

The new 01M dosimeter has inherited all of the best features of its predecessor. It is robust, easy to use, small-sized, with a bright color display. In the new SOEKS 01M, we combine reliability and accuracy of the laboratory equipment and the ease of use of a mobile phone. Even a child or an elderly person can operate it.

To start working, just switch it on. The dosimeter will immediately enter measurement mode. If the dosimeter detects a high radiation background, the text message "High radiation background" will be displayed on the screen against a yellow background. If the radiation background exceeds the limit value substantially, the message "Dangerous radiation background" will be displayed on a red background. The messages follow the color code used in traffic lights: green means "good," yellow means "warning," and red means " danger." You will not have to memorize radiation norms. The dosimeter will warn you if anything goes wrong.

Technical characreristics

Parameter Value
Indication range (background radiation), µSv/h up to 1 000
Recorded gamma-ray energy, MeV from 0,1
Warning thresholds, µSv/h 0,3 to 100
Measuring time, seconds up to 20
Indication Continuous, numerical, graphical
Batteries and auxiliary power AAA rechargeable or regular batteries, network adapter or USB
Power supply range, V 1,9 - 3,5
Continuous run time, min, hours** до 10
Measurement error, max +/- 15%
Overall dimensions (height ? width ? thickness), max, mm 105х43х18
Weight (excluding batteries), max, g 57
Battery charging current, max, mA 300
Input current from USB or charger, max, mA 500
Charger output voltage, V 4,5 to 5,5
Display Color TFT display, 128?160
Operating temperature range, °C -20 to +60
* A higher number of measurements improves indication accuracy. 
** Continuous run time is given for a device where factory settings and two 1,350 mAh batteries are used.  
*** Factory settings: Threshold—1,2, green color theme, sound on.